Our areas of expertise include live action, character animation, and motion graphics. These three types of production are definitive of the broad range of services we offer. From film/video recording to developing 2D/3D animation and graphic design, we mold our finesse to your advantage.


Finding the right corporate video service can be crucial to the success of your project. Step Ahead FIlms is a video production company based in Gurgaon, India that offers corporate video services. Call us today on 09811824137 for more information.

Step Ahead Films is an event video production company based in Gurgaon, India. We produce high quality corporate event videos. Call us today on 09811824137.


Choosing an event video production company is an important decision. Important events need to be treated with respect and reflected in the right light. Hiring a professional event video production company is a sensible option for many reasons. Perhaps two of the most important factors when producing corporate event videos are quality and reliability. 

A professional event video production company will be able to provide high quality equipment and an experienced team. High profile events require a high quality appearance and as such, the quality of the corporate event videos produced is a key factor. Events can often take months to organise and are often only held on one day. With so little margin for error, it is essential that the event video production company you choose can be relied on to deliver.

Events are often recorded for a wide variety of uses. Events such as concerts, which are sold out or which many people are unable to attend may later be sold on DVD or download. Alternatively, they may be streamed live over the Internet to audiences worldwide. An event video production company will be able to co-ordinate the entire process from start to finish.

In business, events such as AGM’s & Conferences are often recorded for internal communications purposes or as a means of promotion. Many companies use corporate event videos to distribute highlights of an event to staff that were unable to attend. In addition, it can often be beneficial to record an event for marketing purposes, especially if the event is an entire success. Many conferences open with an introductory film that sets the scene for the presentation that will follow. In addition to filming the event, an event video production company will be able to produce video content that will assist the flow of the presentation itself.

Product launches represent a huge marketing opportunity and for that reason, it can often be beneficial to use an event video production company to film the event. Following the launch, highlights of the event can be distributed to potential investors, buyers or journalists who were unable to attend. Corporate event videos often include short interviews with delegates endorsing the event.